All About My Braces

Simple stories you can read with your child to help prepare for their dental visit


I’m going to the orthodontist today.  We’re going to check to see if I need braces.


When I get to the orthodontist’s office, we check-in at the front counter.  Here I should use my inside voice so my mom can finish my paperwork.


The office has activity sheets that I can do while I wait to be called back.  I’ll read and learn cool facts about animals and solve some fun puzzles.


When it’s our turn to be seen, the orthodontist might want to take pictures of my teeth.  They use this big machine that looks like it came from a submarine.  It’s really cool looking and can show the orthodontist inside my teeth!  They say we need the pictures because they will show if I should get braces or not.


After talking to my mom, the orthodontist thinks I should get braces.  So, they start getting my teeth ready for the brackets that I’ll need.  Once my teeth are ready, they use a special glue to stick the brackets to my teeth.


After I have all the brackets I need, the orthodontist puts a wire through them, it goes around my mouth.  This is going to help my teeth move in the right direction and make them straight.


Once the wire is in place, the orthodontist tells me how to take care of my teeth and my new braces.  They say I might need a different toothbrush to clean my teeth and around my brackets properly.  I need to pay attention to removing food from around my brackets and in between the wire and my teeth so I don’t get cavities.


Now I have my new braces and pretty soon I’ll have a straighter smile.  The best part is I can customize my braces with different colored bands!